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We guarantee your final grade landscaping will meet the specifications in Edmonton and Spruce Grove.

Sodding New Lawn Edmonton

Certified Landscape Construction will provide and install sod using either small hand rolls for the smaller jobs or larger rolls laid with equipment for bigger jobs. Satisfaction guaranteed when using the experts in final grade Edmonton.

More About Final Grading in Edmonton

At Certified Landscape Construction, we ensure that the final grading and sodding of your yard is perfect. In order to ensure that water flows where it should, we smooth out the land to form a slope in some strategic areas. This can be done with topsoil or in some cases with sand. This process is called final grading. Let’s go over it in a little more detail.

Why is final grade landscaping necessary?

Grading, also known as sculpting or leveling the land is essential to prepare the terrain of the site to suit specific elements such as making a driveway, a deck or patio, a walking path, or your main grassy areas.

In addition, slopes created through grading help ensure water flow is away from the house which is important to protect your foundation from leaks or other major damage.

Poor grading can also result in pooled water in certain parts of the yard which can cause plants and grass to become waterlogged. This water logging can damage the landscaping in the long run.

We at Certified Landscape Construction make sure that the Final Grading is done properly!

You will know there are grading issues with the land when the ground is not even. Another sign is that when you water the garden or lawn, you will notice the water drainage is not proper. There will be small patches of pooled water.

Certain times the elevations are incorrect per site controls. This is something that a professional can assess and assist you with. It must be noted that grading issues can be found on any property regardless it is occupied or unoccupied. Also, all grading is not done right in the first attempt. Sometimes it requires correction (re-grading).

Though homeowners can rent bulldozers for grading the garden or lawn themselves, it is not recommended. If the grading is done incorrectly, you may wind up doing more damage than good to the property. In case the incorrect grading causes structural damage, then the repair costs can become an expensive affair. That’s why it is best to call us in to ensure that the final grading is perfect.

Experts at Final Grading and Sodding Services

If your lawn is uneven and you find dips and bumps while walking, then you should consider re-grading your lawn. At Certified Landscape Construction, we can make your uneven lawn smooth again so that you a flat, properly leveled landscape proving we are the best in final grade Edmonton. When it comes to grading and sodding services, Certified Landscape Construction is the first choice for final grade landscaping Edmonton. 

Most landscapes lack proper grading that leads to poor drainage and can cause flooding in the basements or landscaping degradation. But we make sure that your space has proper drainage away from buildings. As experts in fine grading, we know the best techniques to sculpt the earth to give a smooth, desirable look to your landscape. During the process, we also ensure to channel water and precipitation away from the foundation of your home. Our team is equipped with the best tools to break up, level, and remove debris from your lawn. 

With years of experience in the landscaping industry, we know how to level the ground to achieve optimal appearance and surface drainage. We can also install sod that is grown professionally using the best soil, proper fertilization, and watering techniques. Installing sod is the best way to prevents soil erosion. Unlike the seeded lawn, the roots of sod lawns are stronger. The sod we install is grown on specialist farms to give you a beautiful lawn instantly.

More About Sodding

Sod, also known as the turf, is the grass as well as the portion of soil under it, which is held together by the roots of the grass. The soil can also be held together by a piece of thin foreign material. Sod is useful for those who wish to establish lawns in residential properties or sports stadiums, athletic fields, golf courses, etc. in commercial properties. Sodding helps prevent soil erosion and has also proven to be effective in improving air quality. Sod helps increase cooling of air around the property and prevents flood by effectively draining water. Our sodding experts ensure that the task is done professionally so that the grass grows well and evenly.

Is it better to lay sod or plant seeds?

Laying sod appears to be the preferred choice, primarily because it provides instant gratification. it is also extremely convenient to lay sod rather than to plant seeds, as seeds tend to get blown by the wind or get eaten by the birds etc. and because it takes several weeks for a lawn to appear visually appealing and even more time before the lawn is sufficiently robust for use.

How much sod would you need? 

Please call the leaders in final grade landscaping Edmonton and we will come measure and give you a quote for a new lawn.

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