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Our landscape designers at Certified Landscape Construction can help make planning your dream landscape a reality. Many times we know what we want to have done, and have a fairly good idea of the outcome we are expecting, but the challenge is – where to begin.

Our landscape designers can guide the landscape designing process with you. Many times we tend to overlook some basic key points which may be crucial to the outcome. For instance, compared to indoor plants (that are raised in controlled light and temperature settings and don’t grow beyond a certain height), the plants in the yard are much different. They are exposed to natural light and natural temperature based on the season. Shrubs, plants, and vines planted in the yard grow to their ultimate heights and need to be tended to differently. Our landscape designers bear these finer details in mind and guide you accordingly.

Certified Landscape Construction has shortlisted some landscape designing tips for you so that you can make the most of your yard.

Edmonton Landscaping Design
Edmonton Landscaping Design


Grading is the first step that should be dealt with when you are planning the landscape design. Grading helps prepare the yard to suit hardscaping elements such as making a walking path, driveway, building stairs or a patio and softscaping elements such as growing plants and grass. Grading helps eliminate the stagnation of water and allows the water (where mosquito larvae breed), to flow away. Grading or sculpting of the land helps create a slope that ensures, water flows away from the house. This reduces chances of the pooled water close to the foundation from causing any structural damage.

Balance the components

Hardscaping and softscaping are the two main components of landscape design. Hardscaping includes durable and long term elements such as driveways, walkways, decks, paver patios, outdoor kitchens, water features, retaining walls, gravel, rocks, etc. Softscaping includes living elements that need regular upkeep such as trees, plants, shrubs, vines, flowers, vegetables, soil, turf, etc. Hardscape elements require lesser maintenance – this means, once installed, there are fewer maintenance expenses. Whereas softscape elements in comparison, if not planned in a proper balance with other long term elements, can rake up expenses such as water and energy bills, herbicides, fertilizers, etc.

Irrigation planning

When your yard is a combination of landscaping components like Softscaping elements and Hardscaping elements, you need to ensure that you plan the laying of irrigation pipes and the mode of irrigation very carefully. You can trust Certified Landscape Construction to assist you with this as it can be crucial in the long term. For instance, if you were to select a pop-up rotor to irrigate your lawn and it was to throw a portion of the water on the hardscaping elements, then not only will that be a wastage of water, but it will also cause the area where water has been dispensed, to become slippery resulting in a fall or injury if not walked upon carefully.


Xeriscaping leads many people to envision a yard with a desert-like and barren landscape that is void of textures or color. This is far from what xeriscaping can truly look like. As the trend is catching on in drought-tolerant areas and arid climates, environmentally conscious people are also adopting xeriscape principles. Certified Landscape Construction promotes water conservation and we can assist you with designing a beautiful colourful lawn with multiple textures so that you can not only enjoy the yard but also reduce the water bills significantly.

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