Lawn Irrigation

Lawn Irrigation

Want the best looking lawn on the block? The key to achieving that is well-hydrated greens. Certified Landscape Construction ensures that your lawn looks lush and feels cool.

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The Lawn requires a Minimum of 1 to 1 ½ Inch of Water Every Week

Lawns which are already dry at the onset of winter or during, are more likely to be drought-stressed and have higher chances of sustaining winter damage. On the other hand, you must also bear in mind that when the atmospheric heat is too much, the grass needs more water as a fair amount of the water is susceptible to evaporation and the heat can take a toll on the grass. We ensure that the lawn is irrigated properly

Watering Frequency

Watering daily can give the grass a weakened root system.  Watering deeply about 2-3 times each week can give the grass a deeper root system. Thus strengthening the grass and making it drought-resistant. Light watering daily can cause fungus and also weaken the roots. Less frequent watering helps soak the soil deeply and encourages roots to grow stronger and deeper. We help you to understand the best frequency to water your lawn.

Time to Water the Lawn

Watering the lawn early morning helps ensure that it dries properly before nightfall. Regularly leaving the lawn wet during night, may cause disease and fungus problems. Since it is less windy and much cooler during early morning, you can expect less evaporation. This will help you save on the water bill and also take lesser time to water the lawn. We ensure that your irrigation systems are in place so that your lawn is irrigated properly.

Aerate for Absorption

There may be times when water begins running down the paving before you have adequately watered the lawn. It is quite normal for this to happen once in a while. A quick fix is to turn the water off and wait a while for the water to soak in. But if this is a regular occurrence then you will need to aerate the soil. We at Certified Landscape Construction help you to aerate the soil.

Now that you know the secret to maintaining a lush yard, Certified Landscape Construction also has a few tips on how best to irrigate the lawn while minimizing the water wastage. Based on the area (size) of the lawn and climate of the place you live in, there are various types of lawn irrigation systems which our lawn experts can assist you with.

Pop-up Sprayer

Pop-up sprayers are sprinklers which are usually hidden underground unless they are in use. The piping for pop-up sprayers runs underground. This irrigation system can cover a radius of up to fifteen feet or more.

Pop-up Rotors

These are similar to the above mentioned pop-up sprayers. Pop-up rotors throw off a solid stream of water and rotate as they throw water. This helps the pop-up rotors cover a much larger area instead of constantly spraying water in the same area.

Mist Irrigation

Mist irrigation systems are fairly cheap. They dispense water with low pressure. There are ideal for when you wish to water gardens or a flower bed. Since the pressure is low do not expect the reach of the water to go to the roots.

Certified Landscape Construction firmly believes in conserving water. This is why we strongly recommend that you invest in a timer. The advanced models available now offer various programmable features that enable you to set specified start time, duration of irrigation, etc. Advanced models of timers feature an attachment that stops the irrigation if it has already rained and there is no need for additional irrigation. They can also detect heat and humidity and accordingly deliver more water to the yard to help the green patch stay supple.


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