Paving Stones and Retaining Walls

In any landscape design, the two main components are Hardscaping and Softscaping. For those who are new to landscaping, here is a brief idea of what these two components mean.

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Hardscaping Ideas


Paving Stone Driveways & Patios

Tired of the boring look of cracking grey concrete? Let’s create something eye catching and stunning with an all stone driveway.

Retaining Walls

Our Retaining Walls are practical for many landscaping situations, and offer great strength. There are many choices in colour, shape, and texture.

Stone Firepits

Enjoy warmth while you relax with your new firepit. Create memories with loved ones over a beautiful feature to your yard.

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Hardscaping is different from softscaping in that it incorporates design elements which are unchanging and solid through several years. Hardscape comprises elements in the landscape design which serve a long term purpose. These elements include walkways, driveways, paver patios, decks, water features, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, rocks, gravel, etc. We ensure that we at Certified Landscape Construction set up perfect hardscaping that lasts long and looks great.

While the list of advantages of incorporating hardscaping in your yard is exhaustive, we have picked the top three.

Paving Stones and Retaining Walls

In hardscaping, paving stones is required when paving patios, driveways, walking pathways, etc. generally red paving stones and used paving stones are commonly used in residential hardscaping. Traditionally, red paving stones are made with clay which has been baked in a rectangular-shaped block. Paving stones usually made in an ergonomic size as well as weight to allow for single-hand use. Since paving stones are laid block by block, by hand, paving stones paving renders a custom look. Beautiful patterns and intricate designs can be made with paving stones by laying them on driveways and walkways. These patterns add to the landscaping aesthetic.

When properly installed, paving stones can last for years to come. When paving stones are baked, the color penetrates through the entire block. This means, the wearing away or fading of color will never be a concern. Homeowners prefer usage of paving stones in their lawn as the red of paving stones provides a beautiful contrast to the lush green of their lawn. Certified Landscape Construction can assist you with pattern selection based on the look of your house and the size of the space. Our masons will get the paving stones laid with beautiful finishing.

Should you decide on paving stones as the material you wish to be used for paving, there are a number of further decisions you will need to make. For instance, planning where the paving feature must be installed. How large should it be? You will also need to select what installation method should be used – mortared or dry laid. At Certified Landscape Construction, we understand that all this can be a lot to take in. This is why our professional landscape designer walks you through the selection process and also guides you in making informed decisions.

World-Class Hardscaping Specialists

At Certified Landscape Construction, we have completed numerous splendid hardscape projects for our residential, recreational, and commercial clients. As a professional hardscaping company, we can create gorgeous patterns by using the finest materials. Our landscape designs are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Over the years, we have acquired the best hardscaping skills to create spectacular and harmonious hardscape construction.

Installing hardscapes such as retaining walls, decks, pebbles, and walkways can improve the overall functionality and appearance of your landscape. At Certified Landscape Construction, we not only add soft-scaping elements to your lawn but also design and install the best hardscape features. As a hardscaping experts, we can work with all building materials like concrete, natural stone, composite decking, cedarwood, pressure-treated wood, paving stones, flagstone, and granite. With years of experience, we have gained significant experience in properly blending softscape and hardscape elements.

While designing and installing hardscape elements, we consider all the details like the drainage issues and the type of soil. Moreover, we also make sure to understand your desires and goals to meet or exceed your expectations. Whether you want Paver Patios, Retaining Walls, or Stone Walkways, our team can incorporate the best hardscape elements into your property. Our team of skilled and experienced hardscape installers can effortlessly create a landscape of your dreams.

Softscaping Edmonton

Softscape lacks permanent quality as it comprises the living animated elements of the landscape such as plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, vines, vegetables, soil, turf as well as color schemes. These elements are constantly going through changes and are more fluid in nature. They also require frequent maintenance. We at Certified Landscape Construction maintain it properly to ensure that the Softscaping elements add a lot of beauty to your property.


Regardless of if you live in a drought-prone area or not, as a global citizen, it is the duty of every single individual to conserve a precious resource like water. Hardscaping provides a great solution for fighting water waste. Increasing hardscape elements compared to soft scape elements in your yard will save you from spilling gallons of water on lawn maintenance (watering the grass and plants). Certified Landscape Construction understands the importance of the global water crisis and can help you design your yard to minimize water wastage.

Low maintenance

Besides water, softscape elements also take up other resources such as your time, effort, and energy. However, with hardscape elements, you need not bother yourself with mowing, snipping, trimming, pruning or watering. Once you have chosen a design, leave it to Certified Landscape Construction to take care of the rest so you can enjoy the beauty of your yard for many several years to come.

Prevents soil erosion

Landscape designers at Certified Landscape Construction can help you plan the yard in a manner that the hardscaping elements can effectively prevent potential erosion. You can keep the yard looking great for years, by placing barriers such as concrete or etc., in areas where there are chances of soil erosion.

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